Blog for week of November 6th

On November 1st, I met Gary Wiseman at my studio. He and I spoke about his work with wildcrafted charcoal, and my interest in it. He believes that it is important to share cultural knowledge, and suggested that I teach what I learn from him. He offered me the chance to do so through a workshop that I can help organize. I consider this an incredible gift, and mentioned that I value the learning experience that comes from teaching. He mentioned that in NZ, where he recently visited, a person must immediately teach what they have learned to continue the cycle, and give away the first thing that they make. I'm thankful. He gave me a list of supplies for processing charcoal into a workable medium for art, and shared some of his experiences collecting charcoal in the field.

Gary was a resident artist with Signal Fire in 2015, where he worked as an embedded artist at forest watchdog organization Bark. Their work revolves around protecting the wilderness area around Mt. Hood from logging and the forest service. Gary and I share a connection with Bark, as my Senior Capstone was with them. My plans were to go to Bark and speak to them about visiting forest fire sites. 

After our meeting I checked my email, and Bark had sent out an announcement about 3 new upcoming fire related community events! Magic! 

In class last week we broke into small groups to edit first drafts of proposals. This activity gave everyone a chance to help each other, and proved to be transformational. Reading my proposal aloud and receiving feedback brought several things to my attention: 1) waaaay too long, 2) too broad of a focus, 3) too conceptual, not enough visual ideation 

Feeling good! Another thing from class: we each took a few minutes to craft an "elevator speech" about our art. Super fun and difficult! Great thing to practice...this exercise will stick with me for a long time.