Week of November 13th

Last week I set up an appointment with Michael Krochta at Bark (see last weeks post). We met on Friday at the Bark office, and talked for an hour. He had spoken to Gary over the weekend, and was already excited that there seems to be some art activity emerging from the flames. I brought to him my interest in visiting the Eagle Creek burn site to collect charcoal, and we talked about logistics. He offered to put an outing to the site on the Bark calendar for December 6th, and I accepted. We talked about the upcoming fire related events, and I made plans to attend a hike to the Jazz Fire. This fire was named so because it was the name of the timber sale that the burn took part of. I had worked at the Jazz timber sale during my capstone, before the fire. 

On Sunday the 12th, I attended the hike to the Jazz Fire.

I left with names of other past fires to research, and some thoughts about comparing the causes of each one. Very exciting!  

In class I had a one-on-one meeting with Pat Boas in my studio area. She recommended that I check out the work of Wolfgang Lab, Charles Avery, and Mark Dion. She observed that my focus includes documentation, and recommended a couple of books and suggested that I think about how to present this part of my work. 

I watched an Art 21 segment that focused on Wolfgang Laib later that day. His work is slow and deliberate, a dance with nature. The work in the video was done with pollen and beeswax. I imagined the beautiful, soothing smell of beeswax. Laib holds a medical degree, and conducts public health studies in relation to the environment. His feeling is that he accomplishes what he would as a doctor through being an artist. Healing and connecting the the environment is part of my hope for my art, so this was an inspiring reference for continuing this thread in my work. 

Thursday we planned for our Exhibition Checklists and had some work time. I worked on processing some charcoal from the Jazz site and reducing some acorn ink.