End of Term Reflection

After the Jazz Fire hike, I met with Gary Wiseman at my studio for a mini-workshop in making charcoal inks. I was introduced to proper cleaning and mulling techniques, and gained practice using both hot and cold methods to prepare pigment.

Gary encouraged me to experiment with ratios of pigment to binder and water, and to record all of my practice in a dedicated notebook. I have taken his advice and have a record book to document all of my practice with what he taught to me and also of my own recipes (some that yielded successful results, and others that turned out not so well).

I made a second trip to the Jazz Fire Site and collected an additional gallon of raw charcoal. I have processed some of it for myself and saved some for later. 

Megan Hanley expressed enthusiasm over my project, so I invited her to my studio. She visited me on December 5th, and we processed charcoal into ink together. She brought an empty container with her, and left with a good amount of ink concentrate to play around with. It was fun to teach this in a relaxed way, to share with her, and to learn more about the work that she is engaged in. 

I am in the process of negotiating to teach a workshop within Tia Factors' Painting in Place class (Winter term 2018). It will be an honor to pass down the knowledge that I have learned about transforming native materials into art mediums to connect to a place. 

I am interested in working with more artists for my BFA project, and have just contacted the local printmaker and artist, Scott Sutton. I am interested in learning about his work with mineral pigments. http://www.scottsuttonart.com/minerals.html

I am happy with the direction that my proposal has taken, and am looking forward to seeing how the work develops.