BFA Research & Proposal: Past Work, Reflection, and 3 Questions For Me

A survey of my past work exposes a common thread of interest in the environment, and an investigation into connections between the human understanding of mortal bodies and the influence that people have on land, air, water, and life. Sources for this work have included the work of indigenous craftspeople, digital makeovers, the study of landscape as habitat, and how projections of the imagination are used to transform physical sites (bodies and land) through processes of choice and negation. 

O2 Atmosphere
There is Still Time
Water Works
Water Woman

Questions for Melissa: 

1. Was wildfire the inspiration for O2 Atmosphere? It reminds me of the sky during the height of the Eagle Creek Fire.

2. What is your relationship with time? Do you feel like paintings are a record of your life, or a glimpse of the future?

3. How does texture fit in with your philosophy of art? Do you use it symbolically?