Studio Visit Video Research

This post is from an assignment to research the studio practice of other artists by watching videos of studio visits. I found Jamian Juliano-Villanis and Deedee Cheriel to be exciting! Jamian has a studio in Bed-Stuy, NYC. I am intrigued with her process. She obsessively collects images on her computer and creates overlapping projections, mostly of images from pop culture. She chooses an image from a gut feeling, to express how she feels, traces it with paint, and then does the same thing with other images over the first one on the same canvas until she feels that she has expressed her feelings. She says that she works in this way because she is not good at articulating her feelings through words, and that she uses cartoons, etc. to communicate in a populous way so that her personal states can become publicly understood. I feel the same way, that paintings are a way for me to explore the way that I feel about the world around me. I haven't used projections because they seem limiting, but learning about the way she uses it has turned me on to a very fluid use of projection and I may incorporate this method or a similar one into my practice at some point. One thing I have in common with her is that we both listen to music while working and use it as a direct influence on painting. I find that listening to music helps me connect my body and feelings to the paint and canvas, and it seems that she has a similar experience. The video that I watched of her can be viewed here:

Deedee Cheriel works out of Los Angeles. The video that I watched her in was created in 2014, and was an interview from before her show at Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles. 

She is also a painter, and she pulls narratives from parables that are about people being nice to each other and filling cravings for materials things or addictions with friendship. She strongly believes that happiness is always accessible, and she puts that intention into her work. I totally get this! I want to do a very similar thing but with an appreciation for the natural world, the human connection to nature, and the beauty of elemental powers. Deedee quoted Mother Theresa in this video: 

make me a channel of peace. 

that where there is hatred, I may bring love,

that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness.

that where there is discord, I may bring harmony.

that where there is error I may bring truth.

I am not religious, but I appreciate the work of Mother Theresa and her intention, and I want this same intention in my work. To bring peace. 

 Deedee's video may be seen at: