Research for gallery talk: artist videos

Katarina Grosse: 

Last summer, I had the privilege to visit the studio of Katarina Grosse in Berlin. It was a set of two connected massive white rooms full of light, paint and color. She uses a spray gun and acrylic paints to create large scale painting installations that are informed by the site. 

Here is a video of her studio that does it justice:

Here is a video of her talking with a work in the South London Gallery:

...and a 50 minute artist talk that I am still watching, and learned more about Edvard Munch from:

Things that I noticed about her gallery talk: 

* She introduces the show with the title, and explains how the title relates to the work

* She describes her process very directly in few words. It is easy to understand that she uses a a spray gun to defy architectural constraints, that she masks off large areas, and uses a lot of color

* She says why she chooses to use the tools that she does. She uses a spray gun and acrylics because they allow her to work fast, the gun enlarges her reach and makes her body bigger to fit into the large space. 

* she places her work in theoretical, historical, and contemporary contexts in just a few simple lines. Explains the questions that she is addressing. Talks about the edges, relationship between walls and floor, talks about the viewer changing the work, completing it. The work is all about vantage point, and what is a painting in our society. How can it be a visceral part of our everyday life.